Formation – Espagne

Spain: between enchantment and entertainment

The Costa Del Sol – Andalusia

Formessence Evasion has chosen three jewels of Andalusia : the wild Torcal site, the historic town of Antequera and the picturesque village of Ronda.

El Torcal de Antequera

The Torcal and its unique karst formations in Europe. It also houses the Astronomical Observatory where many activities are organized for all ages. Due to its position, the Torcal is a place of privileged contemplation of the stars and other constellations.

The Torcal Nature Reserve offers several hiking trails where everyone can melt into the green, primitive backdrop of the Jurassic era. A breath of fresh air on a site that has kept all its original splendor. Fauna and flora are abundant and surprising. Wonder guaranteed !

Ronda – El puente Nuevo (New Bridge)

The picturesque village of Ronda and its white houses (pueblos blancos) contrasts with a pure azure sky. They are the legacy of the Moorish history of Andalusia.

Ronda surprises with endless spectacular views of the surrounding areas. Another perspective of the Puente Nuevo, the waterfall and the arch of the cliff. The view from below is just as striking and amazing.

Mountainous area, Ronda is located on a rocky plateau separated in two by a narrow abyss of nearly 100 meters deep, the Tajo gorge. The bridge connects the historic city to the south “Ciudad” where are the oldest monuments and the “Mercadillo” (the city of merchants) to the north with the most recent buildings.

Spain is synonymous with sun, beaches, tapas, parties and festivities but also culture with its many historic monuments, witness of a rich, strong and flourishing past.

You will be surprised by the simplicity, kindness and courtesy of the Andalusian people.

The geographical position in the south of Europe, offers to Andalusia an exceptional rate of sunshine with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. It is the sunniest region of the country. All those whose main criterion-standard is the sun, will be happy to enjoy good warm rays, azure sky, pure and thus benefit, over the days, a skin that will take the color of honey.

The Costa del Sol is a Mediterranean coastline of about 150 kilometers in length and totals 140 beaches between the city of Cadiz in the west and Nerja in the east and on which stands in the background of the mountains. That’s why, as sunny days approach, all of Northern Spain also flock to enjoy the mild temperatures and the sun.

In addition, the Moorish heritage has left small white villages (pueblos blancos) nestled and perched on the mountainside: Mijas, Frigiliana, Gaucín, Casares, Ronda or the surprising village of Juzcar (or pitufo pueblo, entirely painted blue ) are some examples. These are houses with whitewashed walls, small, narrow, steep streets overlooking sumptuous views of the coasts or surrounding valleys characteristic of these villages.

Andalusia is a welcoming land despite a people with diverse origins (Moorish, Jewish, Catholic, Gypsy but where national unity remains) where majestic, fabulous monuments await visitors: the famous gardens of the Alhambra and Albaicin in Granada, the minaret of the Giralda (Cathedral of Our Lady of the Seat) and the Alcazar is the radiance of Seville, or the Mosque-Cathedral and caliphate city Madinat al-Zahra (which has just made its entrance, this year, UNESCO World Heritage) gives a mystical air to the city of Cordoba. Here are some of the pearls from the south of Spain.

In addition, nature also has a place of choice with many natural parks including the Donana (listed on the list of heritage by UNESCO since 1994, is the crossing point of many migratory birds, a refuge for lynx and the home of flamingos).

The Sierra Nevada National Park (the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula) or, on a smaller scale, the dizzying Caminito del Rey, the Tinto River (in Huelva), the Menga dolmens or the Torcal karst site in Antequera .

Finally, Andalusia is a festive land as evidenced by the excitement of lively evenings on the terraces of cafes, bars or restaurants between tapas, drinks and happy discussions with family or friends. The most gourmet will be delighted by some local specialties such as Iberian ham, gaspacho, countless varieties of tapas, sherry wine, various types of fish and other seafood.

The training takes place in Benalmadena – Costa del Sol

The different airlines arriving at Malaga Airport are:

  • Vueling
  • Ryanair
  • Transalvia
  • Easy jet                                                                                                                                                                 For accommodation, the hotel Sol y Miel offers accommodation in the center of Benalmadena at very reasonable rates.

Official country name: Spain

Official Language: Spanish

Capital: Madrid

Currency: Euro

Driving: Driving on the right


Formalities: Identity card or passport valid

Health: No mandatory vaccinations

Time difference: no time difference

Voltage: Voltage and outlets are identical to French standards

Telephone Code: + 34

This information is subject to change without notice and is given for information only. They do not engage in any way the responsibility of Formessence.

Price: 790 €

Training in Andalusia in Benalmadena from 4 to 10 May 2020 

Our rates include:

  • Complete training with the speaker.
  • Our prices do not include:
  • Round trip flights
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  • Meals, drinks, tips and personal expenses throughout the stay.
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  • Deadline for registration

March 2, 2020 (or when the maximum number of participants is reached)

Number of participants: MIN.12, MAX. 20

David Bourret – 00262 (0)692 03 42 85 –

First ovall, I define myself as a humanist, captivated by human relationships and by the possibility we have, each of us, to improve ourselves in order to surpass ourselves and finally to lead our life, to live our own personal story.

The Tarot is more than a passion, it is a state of mind, a learning, an evolution of oneself, a faithful companion, a friend who knows us better than ourselves, ready to reveal his best advice -every time-whenever asked him !

As the Tarot is not so easily tamed, it requires discipline, rigor and perseverance. That’s why I chose to study, for many years, with the greatest initiates of this art.

In the practice of the Tarot, I associate another very powerful tool too: the Numerology which brings us answers on our functioning.

This is how I now work as Tarologist – Numerologist.

As exciting as it is amazing!

Note concerning all groups


It is essential to understand that the Tarot offers to the consultant a timeline, a possibility, a possibility among many others. The choice is proposed. Everyone remains free to accept, move or transform their own situation. This is why the Tarot does not freeze the future but anticipates it. Everyone keeps his free will. We have already witnessed people, having integrated the Tarot Council, transformed their situation quickly in less than three weeks. Everything is possible. Everyone remains master without his kingdom.

    • Immersion for the confirmed

Those who have already met the Tarot of Marseille know! They found the power and precision of the answers given by this ancestral tool. They understand that the Tarot is the Oracle of the oracles, the one that persists through the ages and the time and in particular that it is endowed with infinite wisdom.

Many people have been surprised and stunned by the capabilities of this simple, seemingly harmless card game. Through the prints made, we will find the ability of the Tarot to deploy a response just under the astonished eyes of the audience.

    • Support and guidance tool

Who has not secretly wished, in his strong interior, to be guided, advised during difficult or difficult life situations: to get a job after unsuccessful searches, to sell a stagnant real estate or to know why the sales of a trade falter , the chances of being accepted for an examination or driving license, the likelihood of emotional return.

The Tarot will answer any question, from the most unexpected, to the simplest: a love meeting, obtaining an increase, the evolution of one’s love life, professional, financial, weight loss, knowing the sex of his future baby, going abroad, a difficult choice to make, a contentious family situation … or simply having advice on the course of his day for example.

Only 22 slides to answer any question, any subject, any field of any order. The applications of the Tarot are infinite.

The Tarot has the ability to sound the invisible, to reveal the unconscious part that is proper to us and to display the answer, in images, under the eyes of the consultant. It illuminates our behaviors, shows our habits of which we are no longer aware.

    • A resource of advancement and evolution

Therefore, it is always worthwhile to question oneself to understand and stop repetitive patterns, psychological behaviors that can become detrimental if they are not highlighted and corrected.

What better situation than to study the aspects of its functioning in a group where the presence of each person will reveal an aspect of oneself, of one’s personality as a resource, brake, quality or defect? Group study is the best way to evolve, to put one’s gaze on an objective angle to understand the difficulty of the moment and to move towards a better situation. This is why Richard uses the Tarot to have a good sound because it reveals the past, announces the probabilities of success or failure, shows what is hidden or any obscure situation that needs to be illuminated under a neutral glow. The Tarot penetrates inside you to extract the mechanisms put in place or our reactions to a situation that concerns us.

Group immersion will bring additional power, more productive support, more impact, more effective so that everyone can observe, refine, refine and complete their learning.

    • Towards autonomy and increased intuition

Depending on the level of the participants, we will start with revisions, a question space will be opened on the gaps, the pitfalls encountered. In addition, we will analyze the prints to extract the different characteristics: the psychology, the divinatory aspect, the history of the consultant, his past, the chronological progression as well as all the indices delivered by all the cards. The graphics, the colors, the characters, each element is carefully placed, the chance, as you know, there is no place because each detail intentionally explained can be explained.

This immersion course aims to practice and train in order to gain autonomy to interpret its own prints, those of his entourage see to consider an activity to a wider audience with the Tarot and Numerology as support. Immersion will integrate all the lessons as well as the rules of interpretation seen previously. Finally, the practice of the Tarot will also contribute to increase his feelings, to increase and amplify his intuition. Over time, it can even trigger flashes of intuition even before the blades are placed.

Nb: non-contractual program that can be modified and adapted according to the level of the participants



richard albacete


May 4-10 2020

Price: 790€